I am the main developer of the DPPy Python package (Determinantal Point Processes with Python, G., Polito, Bardenet and Valko, JMLR-MLOSS, 2019). This package collects state-of-the-art exact and approximate samplers for sampling finite and continuous determinantal point processes.

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I am the main developer of the PartialRejectionSampling.jl Julia package. Partial Rejection Sampling (PRS) is a pretty new methodology developed by Guo, Jerrum, and Liu (2019) to generate exact samples from product distributions subject to some constraints, see e.g., some graph and spatial point processes.


I am the co-developer of the structure-factor Python package, which serves as a companion toolbox of the paper On estimating the structure factor of a point process, with applications to hyperuniformity Hawat, G., Bardenet, Lachi├Ęze-Rey, preprint, 2022.

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Python project

The repository template-python-project serves as a template repository structure and project pipeline to develop reproducible Python projects. It is organized and managed with up-to-date tools such as poetry.

Personal webpage

The repository is a template webpage project geared towards an academic audience. Bibliography updates are made super simple and site deployment is automated with GitHub Actions.

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Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is my main code editor, where I mostly code in Python and Julia, write scientific articles in LaTeX and take notes in Markdown.

The repository vscode-workflow collects my personal settings, snippets, a list of helpful extensions, etc.